Hi! I am a junior at CU Boulder studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I see the world as beautiful and full of miracles, which are hidden from the common eye, but delving deeper into practically any subject allows for amazing discoveries. That is how I do.

What excites me the most at the moment is how we can apply mathematical concepts in areas such as Machine Learning and Data Science to radically improve the quality of life at such a vast scale.

I find satisfaction in developing and building things that would benefit or help others. For that reason, I am captivated by the idea of entrepreneurship. I believe that rapid advancement of humanity in recent decades is largely attributed to how with a minimum amount of resources it is to develop something from a stage of an idea to a tangible product. I am testing that hypothesis this year by participating in New Venture Challenge and scaling my CustomerInsights project.

More about my background in my resume.
Some of my past projects.